Did you know?

Each year we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste. Put that waste on to trucks & they would go around the world 24 times.

The worst part? The dumped waste isn’t being sorted properly.

Net Zero Technology

Recycling 4 Africa converts all general waste into viable products, while altering non-recyclables into accredited envirocrete – a reliable solution for building homes and structures. Not only is this technology environmentally friendly, it’s cost efficient, with a 40% reduction on labour & material fees.


Special fire retardant building materials are created from our envirocrete and can be used for homes, pavements, counter tops, roofs and more.

Waste For Change

Get involved, start your own business with our unique ‘Waste For Change’ project. Ideal for new entrepreneurs, no heavy startup costs & endless opportunities.

Convert your community’s waste into capital.

R4A Is Proudly South African

Founded in 2015 by Debbie Sharp, Recycling 4 Africa is a Level 2 BEE enterprise, with the modest goal of global waste & CO2 reduction.

Make A Change

Have a look around you and take note of why waste reduction is so important! Without clean air or drinkable water, life on earth wouldn’t be as wonderful.

Clean & Sustainable

Make a change today, find out how you can get involved with R4A’s ambitious plan of Zero Waste to landfill… for everybody!