Community Upliftment

Community Upliftment

It’s always been our intention to encourage and train the “youth” on the methods and importance of “water & environmental considerations”.  Annually the company hosts a primary & secondary school children, at their lodge in Port Edward, and provide “fun tuition” for a week, with the focus on producing gift’s, and finished products from waste materials they find in their daily lives.  For the older children we focus on “training” on HOW TO BECOME YOUR OWN BUSINESS OWNER” & HOW TO BECOME A RECYCLER AFTER SCHOOL. At the end of the week the children are awarded with certificates, and prizes, based upon their outcomes on what they have either made, or academic achievements.  This is a program we are very proud of.  (Unfortunately due to Covid 19 restrictions this program has been put on hold temporarily.

Community Upliftment Programs:

We support individuals, who show an initiative to convert waste materials, such as old clothing and broken shoes, into new shoes and clothing for children.

Through our corporate clients, we are offering “learnerships” on training the youth to own their own waste management companies after the 2 year learnership courses are completed.  We offer them the training on “exchanging food for recyclables” for which Recycle 4 Africa Provides a guarantee of buy back ensuring the youth are part of the “circular economy”.  

This project is called WASTE 4 CHANGE…..

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