Waste Management

About Us

R4A – Founded in 2012 as a modest waste company determined to reach Net-Zero waste to landfill. After 4 years of R&D we’ve accomplished this goal and built ourselves a 100% Green Waste Centre to prove our commitment!

Once the waste centre was built we used our EnviroBlock technology to add a recreational area to the our main Guest Lodge in Port Edward, KZN, which guests can now enjoy at their leisure.

In 2016, our company went commercial, obtaining contracts with local Blue Chip companies, diverting entire waste streams from landfill. This lead to our clients being awarded a Nett Zero Rating, certified by Green Building Association of South Africa.

We are very proud that our company has since 2016 diverted over 2186 tons of waste from landfill sites!

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In 2019, we realised that our company could not grow quick enough to make Net-Zero a reality, so we embarked on a journey to bring specialised equipment to our clients so that they could start converting their own waste, into finished products.