Net Zero Pioneers

We’ve been the pioneers of Net-Zero Waste to Landfill for the last 10 years. Finding solutions for all waste tailings and turning them into viable products for our Green Clients!

Waste For Change

Get involved, start your own business with our unique ‘Waste For Change’ project. Ideal for new entrepreneurs, no heavy startup costs and endless opportunities.

Sell essential foods for recyclable materials & receive cashback!

Our Services

We offer collections for all your waste with accurate Cradle-Cradle reports for businesses & individuals. With ongoing research and development into the production of tailings, we’re finding modern solutions for the world’s biggest problem.

Recycling and green product sales further help us continue our work of waste reduction and research.

EnviroBlock Production

Our latest EnviroBlock recipe is currently being Certified for use as an alternative building material. Once accredited, we will offer this next-gen tech to the public to reduce costs & the environmental toll of construction.

Our facility is unique to the production of these EnviroBlocks, using all non-recyclable materials to create strong, reliable building materials.